Matson Driscol and Damico MDD

Success Story: Matson Driscol and Damico MDD

My name’s Glenn Ricciardelli, and I am a Senior Partner at MDD Forensic Accountants in Boston, Massachusetts. Our Boston office has approximately a dozen employees of various ages, with tenures ranging from decades to just a few years out-of-college. We are a small office in a larger company, which employs over 350-forensic accounting professionals in over 40 offices on five continents. We are indeed a global firm, as our work spans more than 800 industries in over 130 countries.

It all started with my relationship with Dave Sargent (Sarge), a friend whom I met at Babson College a few decades ago. Sarge invited me to join him at a breakfast meeting at Jewish Family & Children’s Service (JFCS) in Waltham, Massachusetts. It was at this program that I learned first-hand all the work JFCS’ CHAI Services provides to local adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. A few months later, with the assistance of John and Mike at JFCS, we had the pleasure to employ Andrew, as a part-time office employee at MDD. The support provided by JFCS was invaluable, as they made the onboarding process simple and very employer-friendly. They also responded to all of our questions and concerns that we had as the employer while making sure we were comfortable with the process.

The people at JFCS obtained an understanding of our employment needs and the related skill-sets required to perform the tasks we had identified. From there, they pre-screened the potential candidate(s) and accompanied them to the job interview. We took an immediate liking after interviewing Andrew, and he has since become a valuable member of our team. Andrew works 2-days per week in our office, and he takes his job responsibilities seriously. He has been a very reliable employee, and everyone in the office has welcomed his presence. Over time he has learned everyone’s name and greets each of his colleagues upon his arrival in the morning, and bids them adieu upon his departure in the afternoon. He has a friendly and pleasant demeanor and a wonderful sense of humor.

On behalf of MDD, we have no regrets with our decision to hire Andrew and are very thankful for JFCS’s efforts in facilitating the entire process. Andrew’s presence in the workplace has been a positive contribution to the comradery in our workplace, while also bringing a different perspective to our daily lives. We are most grateful to Sarge and the MADW team, as this would never have happened without their introduction to the concept of hiring someone with disabilities.

– Glenn Ricciardelli, CPA, CVA, CFE, CFF | Partner