Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does MADW work?

We work with business owners to help them better understand the process and issues around hiring people with special needs on a part-time basis. Once an employer decides seriously consider hiring a person with special needs, MADW coordinates meetings with the appropriate special needs employment organization.


2. What is IDD?

IDD is an acronym for Intellectual and Developmental Disability. IDD is an overarching term used to describe a life-long disability attributable to cognitive, neurological or other impairments manifested before the age of 22 and usually lasting for a lifetime. IDD affects the activities of daily living in language, learning, living independently, mobility and self-care, among other areas. Autism, Down syndrome, intellectual disabilities, epilepsy and cerebral palsy are examples of IDD.


3. Why would I use MADW’s services when I can hire people myself?

MADW’s would guide you throughout the process and connect you with a special need agent that would have experience in the field. Why do it alone when you can use our help?


4. How do I know if I have the “right” opportunity for people with special needs?

Our special needs agent will determine this. However, you should be aware that most businesses are eligible. Individuals with IDD are hard working people and most likely fit the need of any business as they have worked in many industries. Let us take care of it, they (IDD) will take care of you.


5. If I decide to hire people with special needs, are there any other responsibilities that I should be aware of?

Some businesses ask whether they will need to change locations or invest large sums of money renovating their facilities to hire people with IDD. This is a myth! You do not need to spend any special sums to hire people with IDD.


6. If I hire someone with special needs, are there any liabilities my business should be aware of?

While we do not know what may happen in the future, the special need agent would select the right individual for your job, and this thoughtful process would ultimately reduce liabilities. Also, it is important to remember that every new worker may come with new risk, but also with a great opportunity to fit your company’s need.


7. How do you find the right person for my business?

We pre-screen agencies that have a large talent pool. We are determined to find the right candidate for the position.


8. What makes MADW different from other job placement programs?

We are a free program at no cost to any employer. We work together to secure you with the best employee. We work hard to fill positions with dynamic, devoted, and knowledgeable.


9. Who can work with MADW?

Any employer who is considering hiring people with special needs can work with MADW.


10. Do I have to provide medical insurance?

Giving the focus is part-time work insurance will not be required.


11.Will I need to provide transportation?

Special needs agencies will coordinate safe and appropriate transportation


12. What limitations does the employee with intellectual impairments experience?

Any individual with IDD can fully work certain positions to his/her full ability. The Special need agent will pre-screen applicants and notify you about any limitations.